Post–Kyoto Protocol negotiations on greenhouse gas emissions

Post-Kyoto negotiations refers to high level talks attempting to address global warming by limiting greenhouse gas emissions. Generally part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), these talks concern the period after the first "commitment period" of the Kyoto Protocol, which expired at the end of 2012. Negotiations have been mandated by the adoption of the Bali Road Map and Decision 1/CP.13 ("The Bali Action Plan").

UNFCCC negotiations are conducted within two subsidiary bodies, the Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action under the Convention (AWG-LCA) and the Ad Hoc Working Group on Further Commitments for Annex I Parties under the Kyoto Protocol (AWG-KP) and were expected to culminate in the United Nations Climate Change Conference taking place in December 2009 in Copenhagen (COP-15); negotiations are supported by a number of external processes, including the G8 process, a number of regional meetings and the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate that was launched by US President Barack Obama in March 2009. High level talks were held at the meeting of the G8+5 Climate Change Dialogue in February 2007 and at a number of subsequent G8 meetings, most recently leading to the adoption of the G8 leaders declaration "Responsible Leadership for a Sustainable Future" during the G8 summit in L´Aquila, Italy, in July 2009.

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Global South must lead climate fight

China Daily 17 Apr 2021
The first assault on the Kyoto Protocol was mounted in 2009 at the UN Climate Change Conference in CopenhagenCOP15-where the ideas of historical contributions and "common but differentiated responsibility" as the basis for a post-Kyoto emission-reduction architecture were all but junked....

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About Kyoto Semiconductor. Kyoto Semiconductor was established in 1980 in Kyoto as a dedicated manufacturer of optical semiconductors ... They are manufactured end-to-end, including pre- and post-processing, and together with Kyoto Semiconductor’s unique packaging technology, at our location in Japan and made available to customers around the world....

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Japan Airlines to give away 50,000 free flights to international visitors in 2020

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Japanese astronaut posts night view of Tainan and Kaohsiung 日籍太空人發布台南、高雄夜景照

Taipei Times 21 Dec 2020
Noguchi has used his Twitter account to post photographs taken from space of the Earth’s surface, including Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagoya and Osaka in Japan as well as Florida, Washington DC and New Orleans in the US ... 4 Noguchi posted an aerial photo of Hong Kong and Macau and another one of Taiwan....

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Long-lost picture scrolls of Jokyu Incident found in private home

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The victorious shogunate later set up the post of Rokuhara Tandai in Kyoto to strengthen surveillance on the Imperial Court and control western Japan ... The set was lost after it was put on display at the predecessor of the Kyoto National Museum in 1939 ... The scrolls will be shown at a special exhibition at the Museum of Kyoto from April 6 to May 23....